Pakistan's first Mattress-in-a-box is a true game changer.

Pakistan's first Mattress-in-a-box is a true game changer.

We have come past those days when our only option to buy a mattress was to visit an outlet, where the mattresses are lined up next to each other, begging to be purchased. Hence Master MoltyFoam initiated the idea to facilitate their customers in the best possible manner. 


'BE' by MoltyFoam is a true game-changer. You can now purchase the mattress online and have it shipped to your doorstep, compressed inside a box. Sounds great, no? The experience of this Mattress-in-a-box is impressive too!


How useful is 'BE' by MoltyFoam?

We deliver your mattress straight to your home. It eliminates the hassle of visiting store to store, exploring something that will work great for you, then negotiating the cost and delivery. And you know what? Now you don't require any extra help, i.e., multiple people to take your mattress into the room; it is easy to move around!


Did anyone of you ever try to move a conventional mattress? It's heavy! But not this one; it is significantly lighter than a standard mattress. You can not only move mattress-in-a-box quickly but also enjoy hassle-free bed making.


All thanks to the compression into a smaller box, the shipping costs are lower, i.e., no physical stores, trucks, delivery staff, and delivery costs, such as fuel and wear/tear, to be factored into the price.


Everyone knows how frustrating it is when you get a product, open it, and discover the dozens of components, hardware, and comprehensive directions? 
Not with BE's mattress-in-a-box. As we mentioned earlier, you open it and let it take form. It comes in compressed and opens into a mattress. There is no struggle to get a large mattress through the doors, up the stairs while shifting your home, upgrading your bedroom, etc. 


You can easily take it from one city to another in your own car's trunk. Isn't that fantastic? It's an excellent gift for any of your friends or family who have just shifted to a new house. Surprise them with 'BE' by MoltyFoam and make them enjoy a restful night's sleep all year long!


Master MoltyFoam is one step ahead.

MoltyFoam is widely famous for manufacturing several mattresses and accessories of impeccable quality and unmatched customer satisfaction. 
With the diverse mattress approach and sleep solutions at Master MoltyFoam, we eliminate barriers to ensure that your sleep is restful. 


We promise you an unbelievably good night's sleep, ultimate comfort & convenience, and even better relationships with you all. In a country that sells everything digitally and makes compact deliveries to your home, from cosmetics to furniture, why not a mattress?


Therefore, our fabulous product, mattress-in-a-box, is the revivified way to shop for a mattress by eliminating hassle, ordering online, an excellent 10-year warranty, and free shipping to your doorstep.


At MoltyFoam, we have brought forward a proud Pakistani brand that is on par with global innovation and technology.


Order online and put all your worries to sleep. We know you'll fall in love with BE. Because unbelievably good sleep starts now!