User Manual

Usage Instructions:

  • Lay the box on its side and remove the mattress.
  • Unbox with vigilance! Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut the first layer of plastic, being cautious not to cut the foam of your mattress.
  • Unroll the mattress and place it on a flat surface, while it’s still compressed.
  • Cut and remove the second plastic packaging.
  • After cutting all plastic layers, the mattress will inflate itself by taking air in it.
  • Let the mattress set for 24-to-48 hours to expand fully. Avoid sleeping on your new mattress as soon as it is unboxed.
  • Place the top side of the mattress with the label on your bed.
  • Rotate your mattress from end to end for two weeks and then every three months after that.
  • We suggest you use a mattress protector to guard the mattress against dust, stains, and bugs.