Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is BE Mattress in a box?

BE is Pakistan’s first mattress in a box. It is a high-quality foam mattress that is compressed and rolled into a box before shipping. We developed the technology to compress and roll mattresses so that the mattress shopping and delivery process could be simplified. We offer mattress in a box option in all King and Single size with standard firmness.

2. How is the product made?

The product is made by using high compression technology.

3. How is a mattress in a box different from regular mattresses?

BE mattress in a box is made from highest quality foam and compressed using a specialized technology. It offers a comfortable and unique experience.

4. How much warranty does BE offer?

BE offers a 10 years warranty which complies with international manufacturing standards and adheres completely to the highest standards of quality and durability.

5. How do I activate my warranty?

Please Scan the QR code on your warranty form and register on our website to activate your warranty.

6. Is BE a product of MoltyFoam?

Yes, BE is made by using the same craftsman ship and experience of decades that has helped MoltFoam in becoming Pakistan’s biggest mattress brand. You can be assured that you will always get the best standard of quality from BE products.

7. How do I open the box?

  • Lay the box on its side and pull the mattress out of the box.
  • Use a pair of scissors to carefully cut the first layer of plastic.
  • Place the unrolled mattress on a flat surface and remove the second layer of plastic.
  • Place the side with the label on the top.
  • The mattress will inflate by itself. Don’t press or squeeze the mattress.
  • Let the mattress set for 24-48 hours to fully expand. Avoid sleeping on it immediately.
  • Rotate the mattress from end to end every two weeks. After that rotate it every 3 months.
  • We suggest you use a mattress protector to protect the mattress and enhance its life.

8. How much does the mattress in the box weigh?

The mattress in a box weigh between 20-25 Kg.

9. What is the delivery time?

The delivery time for the first week after launch will be given as 5-8 working days. After the first week we’ll go back to 3-5 working days.

10. Is there a delivery cost?

BE will be delivered without any delivery cost nationwide.

11. What sizes are available in BE?

Currently, BE is available in King & Single size. 6 inch height/thickness only.

12. Is the Mattress Air-Filled?

BE is not an air filled mattress. It is a high quality foam mattress which is compressed using advanced technology and vacuumed to fit in a box.

13. Can you pack it again?

BE is not a portable mattress. It is compressed and vacuumed using advanced technology and it inflates naturally as a standard feature.

14. What size is BE available in?

BE is available in King, Queen1, Queen2 and single size with 6”& 8” variants.

15. Can I replace/return the mattress if there is a size issue?

No. The customer will check and confirm the size mentioned on the box before opening and unpacking the mattress as the mattress cannot be returned once it has been unboxed.