What does your sleeping habit say about you?

What does your sleeping habit say about you?

Our subconscious is the driving force behind all of the things that we do throughout the day, including how we walk, what coffee we order, how we fall asleep, etc. Even though we frequently are not aware of how we are sleeping, we just curl up in our favorite sleeping posture, not knowing that there is a deep connection between sleeping postures and personality traits. The way we sleep is the way we live, according to sleep researchers. 

Sleep science has played a significant role in revealing that your sleeping habits reveal personality traits.  According to the European Journal of Personality, the type of sleep you get this week will probably have an impact on your personality five years from now.

Let's find out what traits of your personality your sleeping position reveals.


If you’re a back sleeper

Your sleeping personality indicates that you enjoy being the center of attention if you prefer to sleep on your back. You are a positive person who values the company of others who share your interests. In a gathering, people tend to notice your bold, powerful presence. You don't get involved in small conversations, things that don't live up to your expectations, or things that don't have your back. You have very high standards for both yourself and other people.


If you’re a side sleeper

Your sleeping personality defines you as a peaceful, dependable, easy-going, busy, go-getter, and social butterfly if you like to sleep on your side. You're constantly looking forward. You don't look back with regret. Future anxiety is not a concern of yours. No matter the circumstances or changes, you have a tremendous ability to change. You constantly search for the positive aspects of everything. It is difficult to insult you since you are well aware of who you are and all of your positive and negative traits. Even when things are difficult, you are always wearing your smile.


If you sleep wrapping your arms around the body

Then, according to your sleeping nature, you long for safety and crave other people's compassion and understanding. This sleeping posture mimics how a baby would cuddle up. You can disengage from the problems of the outside world by sleeping in the fetal position. You are a reserved individual who does not readily open up. You're not very good at trusting people. You appear to be tough on the outside, yet you are actually quite sensitive.


Are you a stomach sleeper?

If yes, your sleeping personality describes you as a strong-willed, adventurous, risk-taker, high-spirited, problem-solving type of person. You are deemed capable of inspiring others or providing advice. You strongly prefer getting a full eight hours of sleep, if not more, to be awake and rested.


If one sleeps in a starfish position

With their arms and legs outstretched, they appreciate friendships, are wonderful listeners, and do not enjoy being the focus of attention. They are the type of folks who "go with the flow." They are so sympathetic and encouraging. They are typically observed listening to someone who is sharing their problems.


If someone sleeps in a stargaze position

With both hands up and under the pillow, they are incredibly optimistic and devoted to their friends, family, and loved ones. They lead life with a happy-go-lucky attitude and have a positive perspective on everything.


If you sleep with a pillow hugged

Or tucked in between your legs, you are incredibly helpful people who place relationships above anything else in life. You want to have a strong link with your loved ones, your partner, or your family members just as much as you want to cuddle up with a pillow at night. When you're sleeping with someone, you're most likely to hug them or wrap your arms or legs around them. You are also incredibly nurturing and compassionate.