Not a morning person? Change that with the best mattress in a box

Not a morning person? Change that with the best mattress in a box

If you love staying up late but hate crawling through your mornings, here’s how you can change that.


Switch to BE - mattress in a box:

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time to replace your mattress, then chances are it is. Most people tend to keep their mattresses for too long. However, a good mattress is quite important for your health because you spend 6 to 8 hours everyday sleeping. An old or saggy mattress can lead to allergies, backaches, muscular tightness, and just a miserable night of sleep, which leads to an unproductive day.

But with BE - the best mattress in a box in Pakistan, you'll experience better sleep, less pain and discomfort, less motion transfer, reduced allergies, tackle snoring, reduced stress level, and most importantly quality sleep to keep your mental and emotional health in check.


The problem with staying up late:


After a long, exhausting day you finally go home, sit down in front of the TV, turn on whichever season you're presently binge-watching, and relax on the best portable mattress online - BE. Heaven, right? But when it's time to go to bed, though, you don't want to stop enjoying yourself. Aren't you entitled to just one more episode because you had a hard day? So you push play, trade a bit of sleep for more Netflix time and continue the cycle that keeps you tired all the time.


You must realize that sleep at night is essential to our emotional and creative energy and is definitely similar to self-therapy. It also balances us out in more ways than one can explain and that without having enough of it, our memory and moods take a hit.


Learn to love a good night’s sleep


It can take a little while to have consecutive nights of proper rest prior to actually feeling better the next day, which is one of the difficulties of trying to improve your sleep patterns. Many people give up before they notice any change because going to bed early one night won't cut it. The key is patience. And the best practice to do it is with the best compressed mattress online – BE. Continue it for a week, until days become smoother. And you'll start to love sleeping at night gradually.


You also need to slow down in the evenings if you want to go to bed early. It's tougher to fall asleep when you're excited. Laptops and smartphones are simply too thrilling. And there are a lot of people who find reading a book before bed easier than browsing the internet.

The advice is to practice more quiet, relaxing activities in the hour or two before going to bed. Books, audiobooks, music playing, or even meditation are all great ways, though make sure not to mess with your phone excessively.


Similarly, exercise, big meals and bright lights (especially sources of blue light like screens) should be avoided an hour or two before bedtime.

Similar to this, avoid exercise, heavy meals, and bright lights (especially those that reflect blue light from screens) a couple of hours before bedtime. Blue lights not only hinder melatonin, which makes it difficult to fall asleep, but they also reduce the quality of sleep you get all night.


Have something to get up for

"What are you waking up for?" The only time for rest after a full day of work in at night snoozing on the best foam mattress in Pakistan – BE. So why stop them so soon? Just to start all over again with another day of work?


Instead, you'll be more likely to wake up early if you have something fun and pleasant to look forward to in the morning before work. It's also wonderful to walk outside in the early morning. The sleep patterns of our bodies are naturally activated by morning sunlight.


You will eventually have better and more productive days and nights if you can schedule the things you wake up for in the morning. Having a fun activity you've agreed to do is a sure way to get out of bed. You'll also get a head start on things that are often completed (reluctantly) in the evening, giving you more free time later in the day.


Make changes gradually


Any changes you make to your sleep schedule should be gradual. “You can control when you wake up more than you can control when you fall asleep” as the saying goes. Our suggestion is to switch to easy to carry mattress in Pakistan – BE, then start waking up around 30 minutes earlier each week and to engage in quiet, soothing activities that invite sleep in the evenings. Every week, take a step back of about 30 minutes, or as much as your schedule (and state of tiredness) allows. Once you're drowsy, don't fight going to bed.

Track your mood to see the gains

Humans are terrible at noticing long-term changes and gains. However, it's important to understand that there is a big difference between how you feel in the morning versus how you feel at the end of the day. You can discover a lot about yourself by keeping a track of your mood, energy level, and sleeping patterns for about two weeks before bed.

The true test of sleep quality is how you feel in the afternoon for those night owls who never feel good waking earlier. Good sleep should result in improved memory, mood stability, creativity, impulse control and eating and drinking habits. Track these for a good while before deciding that sleeping for eight hours is no different to sleeping for three.