How To Set Up Your BE by MoltyFoam: Mattress-In-A-Box?

How To Set Up Your BE by MoltyFoam: Mattress-In-A-Box?

Our beds are super essential for us, especially after a long tiring day at work; all we want is to get back home and comfortably lay on our bed, right? Hence the right kind of mattress becomes a top priority!


What is a mattress-in-a-box?

The digital mattress industry is overgrowing; with the day-to-day busy life hassle, many of you opt out of convenient options when it comes to shop. 

That is where a product like BE by MoltyFoam takes the lead. 


This kind of product is a memory foam mattress that is compressed and packed into a compact box. When you order online, it's shipped to your doorstep in a nice box. Once taken out of the box, the mattress returns to its original shape and is ready for you to enjoy a comfortable night's sleep.


Unboxing your mattress

First and foremost you need to locate the box in the room where it has to reside. Then take out the rolled mattress outside of the box. Kindly place it on a flat surface or platform for ideal support.


Putting your mattress on a suitable base can make the process much easier as it prevents you from lifting it and struggling to put it in position from the ground up.


Unrolling The Mattress

Next, you need to properly cut the outer plastic layer of the mattress, unroll it on the flat surface, and then roll it out onto the other end of the bed until it's completely flat. 


Wait A Few Hours - Do Not Rush!

Next, you need to wait for the mattress to inflate appropriately so you can enjoy a comfortable rest on it. Generally, it will take 24 to 48 hours to decompress and come in a perfect position properly.

It's crucial to wait before trying your new mattress, as this will give the compressed memory foam padding time to become fully supportive. 

You need to enjoy the ideal comfort that BE by MoltyFoam offers, rather than experiencing an uncomfortable or unsupportive surface!


Set it up!

When you're ready to use your BE by MoltyFoam, make sure you pump up the bed game by beautifying it with nice sheets and covers. You can choose from a wide variety of MoltyFoam pillows for the extra support since they can help align the spine in just about any position! 


Enjoy an unbelievably good night's sleep with Pakistan's first mattress in a box!